Hyper-personalize Klaviyo Flow

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Tom Murphy
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Hyper-personalize Klaviyo Flow

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increase in click through rate
improvement in store activity
Frankie Hyper Personalization is added to a KlaviyoCart Abandonment flow and compared against standard Klaviyo suggestions on a Shopify Plus store.
Ruben Bryant
Good As Gold Founder


Email marketing remains an effective, powerful way to market and sell products.
With these types of numbers, ensuring you get the most from your email efforts is essential.

of consumers want to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands
of consumers say they are likely to buy after receiving emails based on shopping habits
Is the reported ROI of email marketing. For every $1 spent, brands receive $38 in return.
of businesses rely on email as their primary channel for acquisition and retention

How Frankie works with Klaviyo

Frankie Personalization content can be served in Klaviyo using the following methods:

  1. Using the Klaviyo profile for sending hyper-personalised curated recommendations (e.g., You May Like) to individuals with history. This powerful method is best suited for complex flows. The blocks, once configured can be used in flows such as: welcome series, abandon cart, post purchase, browse abandonment and customer winback.
  2. It is also recommended to use Frankie hyper-personalised curated recommendations in non-flow Campaigns. The range of scenarios is huge, one example would be to target VIP customers with each VIP receiving personalized suggestions and content.
  3. Frankie’s Trending Now or Top Picks from any Store Collection can be sent using the Klaviyo Webfeed feature. These blocks, once configured can independently be put in Klaviyo email campaigns and/or flow. These can be previewed without the need to add the template to a flow or campaign. This method is best suited for simpler scenarios or for customers that are new/unknown.

Personalization vs Segmentation

Before Artificial Intelligence (AI) made Personalization at scale possible, segmentation was the best option available for marketers. Segmentation is a tool that merchants were encouraged to use to send ‘targeted’ messages to segments, rather than generic messages to ‘everyone’.

The idea: get better results by grouping people who share similar product preferences or characteristics. This idea is a sound one, but even with the best intentions, ‘segments’ often ended up containing very different types of customers. This greatly reduces the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing.


The Result, we group together:

Personalization beats Segmentation.

Frankie Personalization

Personalization can be thought of as segmenting into a ‘group of one’. Frankie Personalization uses each individual’s behaviours and tastes, to select content suited to each individual person in real time, to create a unique buying experience for each individual. This is why personalization outperforms segmentation.

The most advanced Personalization such as Frankie produces the best results.

What was done?

Frankie Hyper Personalization was added to a Klaviyo Cart Abandonment flow and compared against standard Klaviyo suggestions on a Shopify Plus store. 50% of the Abandon Cart emails had Frankie hyper personalization added, whilst the other 50% of emails used standard Klaviyo suggestions.

Email engagement and store shopping activity were measured and compared using Klaviyo’s own A/B test suite. The A/B test continued for 30 days where upon the merchant requested that 100% of the email content be switched to the winning solution (Frankie).


“Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your products.”
Jess Vassallo, Head of Growth, Evocative Media

The benefits in improved click through rate and shopping activity shown here, are in addition to the increase in store conversion rate and sales from Frankie Personalization – see separate case studies.

Goals Achieved

Personalized the Abandon Cart Klaviyo Flow using Frankie Personalization.

improvement in click through rate
improvement in store activity

Improve Klaviyo Flow on your store

Want to conduct your own independent A/B test of Frankie on your store?

Start a free trial by installing Frankie at apps.Shopify.com/Frankie

Or contact us at sales@frankieai.com

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