Frankie Recommendations deliver
results to be proud of

Case Study

Tom Murphy
Frankie Co-Founder. AI, Ecommerce and SaaS expert.

Frankie Recommendations deliver results to be proud of

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402x ROI
DecoratorsBest were unable to find a satisfactory recommendation solution for their 150,000 SKU product range. Frankie created a custom recommendation solution utilising their AI and VisualAI™ engines.
“We searched and searched for a company that could provide excellent product recommendations for our customers, that we would be proud to recommend to them. Frankie is that Company!“
Barbara Karpf
President, Decorators Best


DecoratorsBest could not find a product recommendation tool that produced recommendations that met their standards, despite trying a number of apps available on Shopify.

DecoratorsBest is a leading supplier of Wallpaper and Fabrics. Customers shop at DecoratorsBest to meet their interior decorating needs.

  • Shopify Plus merchant
  • High level of sales
  • 150,000 SKUs
  • Color and pattern are key distinguishing product features

Visual merchandising is important for DecoratorsBest.
A key buying decision criteria is how the product looks
(as with most merchants).


Find a quality product recommendation solution.

What was done


Why care?

Visual merchandising is critically important for almost every online merchant. Frankie has – again – been shown to produce outstanding recommendation results.  Can your store benefit from higher quality more relevant recommendations?

Frankie recommendation example

A customer browses wallpaper products (26,000 products in range). They select one:
Palm Jungle Green/Black Wallpaper $137.25 / roll (shown).

Frankie’s product recommendations are shown below. Note similarity in pattern, color palette and price range.

Improve recommendations on your store

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