Shopifyplus stores A/B test Frankie

Case Study

Tom Murphy
Frankie Co-Founder. AI, Ecommerce and SaaS expert.

Shopifyplus stores A/B test Frankie Personalization

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198x ROI
that’s $198 in extra sales per $1 spent on Frankie
increase in sales per visitor in one store alone
Frankie Personalization is implemented on four Shopifyplus stores.
“…it took us only a few days to have statistically significant results for the A/B tests.”
Itai Koren


Creating a unique buying experience for each customer has been the goal of shopkeepers since the dawn of commerce. Studies document the importance and value of true personalization. Benefits accrue to both the merchant and shopper. Customer surveys indicate shoppers increasingly prefer a personalized shopping experience.*

What is Ecommerce personalization

Ecommerce personalization is delivering a unique shopping experience for each shopper in real time. This is made possible by ML/AI systems such as Frankie that are trained on vast amounts of data to identify and understand the shopping objective and tastes of each shopper.

*91% Retail customers prefer Brands that Provide Personalized Recommendations.
Marty Meeker Internet Trends report

What was done?

An A/B test was set up on four different Shopify Plus stores with different sales and differing numbers of products.

Shopping traffic was spilt so that half of the traffic experienced personalization from Frankie and half received standard Shopify recommendations. Frankie was set up on the Home, Collections, Product, Cart and 404 pages. The results were measured using – an independent A/B test tool that is endorsed by Shopify. The A/B test continued until it reached statistically significant results.

Results and ROI

Results show that Frankie personalization generated an average 20% improvement in sales across the stores.

Frankie increased sales by $20,000 for $99 spent on Frankie on average, or an ROI of 198x.

Goals Achieved

Personalized the shopping experience for each individual shopper.

increase in conversion rate on average
increase in sales on average

A/B test Frankie on your store

Want to conduct your own independent A/B test of Frankie on your store?

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