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Introduction to Frankie-Kaviyo personalized emails

This is a new feature which we’ll be evolving and enhancing as we receive feedback. We have a list of upcoming features at the bottom of this article.

Frankie makes is easy to serve the same personalized recommendations generated for your store in Klaviyo emails without the laborious integration, meaning that you can go live in minutes. This tutorial walks you through the steps of how to create your Klaviyo email with dynamic personalized recommendations from Frankie embedded in it.

1. Getting started

On Frankie, navigate to Integrations and if not already enabled, enable the Klaviyo integration. If you have installed Frankie prior to the 26th of September 2019, you will be redirected to the scope modification screen as Frankie requires read access to your customer records to deliver personalized recommendations.

2. Other Frankie-Klaviyo articles

For further information on email design within Klaviyo interface or advanced styling, please get in touch with us

3. What’s coming up?

We have the following features lined up to be released in the next few weeks:

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