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Add ‘You May Like’ to Klaviyo

1. Introduction

Personalized content to your customer is widely recognized as one of the smartest ways to get more impact from your emails. However, many people struggle to see how to take personalization beyond just the use of first names. Personalized recommendations based on customers’ behavior is a great option.

‘You May Like’ is a powerful personalized recommendation for your shoppers. It includes personalized suggestions for each shopper, based on their individual shopping behaviour and includes products that are handpicked by Frankie from your total inventory. It’s ideal to increase shopper awareness of your products that are best suited to them.

1.1 ‘You May Like’ Personalization use cases

You May Like can be included in a variety of Klaviyo emails, Here are three ideas to get you started:

1.2 Before you get started

Before you get started, ensure you’ve turned on the Frankie-Klaviyo Integration in Frankie.

2. Adding ‘You May Like’ to Klaviyo Email Template

In Frankie, under Integrations, scroll down to You May Like and click on the Copy Kalviyo template.

In Klaviyo, open a pre-existing or new template, navigate to where you would like the You May Like personalized content to appear, then Add a text block at the desired location in the template.
On the text block, click on Source
Paste the ‘Klaviyo template’ (using CTRL + V) that you copied from Frankie and Save.
Preview the email to ensure you have achieved the desired result.
To re-use You May Like in other email templates, click the star to save the personalized content as a Saved Block in Klaviyo

3. Other Klaviyo knowledge articles

For further information on email design within Klaviyo interface or advanced styling, please get in touch with us

4. What’s coming up?

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