Klaviyo-Frankie Integration

February 17, 2020

Tom Murphy
Frankie Co-Founder. AI, Ecommerce and SaaS expert.

Email remains a powerful tool in Ecommerce. Personalization is key to achieving the highest email open, read and conversion rates. Frankie's world-class personalization allows you to achieve the best outcomes from your email marketing efforts.

Klaviyo Integration

Shopify’s Klaviyo app is trusted by over 20,000 businesses to deliver powerful, impactful marketing. Frankie serves millions of personalized recommendations to shoppers on a global scale significantly improving conversion rates for merchants in all verticals.

The new Frankie-Klaviyo integration combines the power of Frankie’s personalized recommendations with Klaviypos email prowess. The key benefit is that you’ll be able to increase the effectiveness of every Klaviyo email with Frankie’s world-class personalization. Think every email, to every customer, can now be more personal and more tailored to that customer.

Recommendation Modules Supported

Frankie offers three different types of personalized recommendations that can be placed into a Klaviyo email.

1. Trending Now
2. You May Like
3. Collection Picks

Let’s dive into each of these personalized recommendations – learn what they are how do they differ.

Trending Now Recommendations

Also known as Most Popular, Trending Now is a selection of products  that are showing interest & sales) that are likely to appeal to that individual shopper’s tastes. Ideal for the Awareness stage of the shopping journey.

You May Like

You May Like are products that are handpicked from your total inventory, to match each individuals shopping tastes and shopping behaviour. These personalized suggestions are powerful tools to engage with each shopper. They are ideal in the awareness stage of the shopping journey. You May Like is in private beta, get in touch with us if you want to try it out.

Collection Picks

Collections are groupings of products. Collection Picks are products that are matched & personalized to each individual shopper from a Collection you nominate. Collection Picks can be used in Klaviyo email, on any Collection as recommendations and can be added to the Home page as dynamic personalized content. Collection Picks boosts discovery of ‘likeable’ items increasing time on site, conversion rates & sales figures. The Collection Picks integration is not available immediately, but it is not far away.

Non-Klaviyo Email

If you use a different email system than Klaviyo for your emails, Frankie offers an API that allows you to integrate Frankioe’s personalization into emails from other email systems. If you want to send personalized emails to your customers using another email system apart from Klaviyo, please contact support@frankieai.com or post a comment on this blog post including the type of email client you use.


Email remains a powerful tool in Ecommerce. Personalization is key to achieving the highest email open, read and conversion rates. Frankie’s new email integration available for Klaviyo and other email systems allows you to gain the maximum benefit from every email campaign.

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