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February 19, 2020

Tom Murphy
Frankie Co-Founder. AI, Ecommerce and SaaS expert.

Frankie continues to release a range of new powerful features to ensure you have the best recommendation tool available for your Ecommerce store. Geo-location, integration with leading app reviews and new layout options are discussed here.


We’ve all noticed that when we’ve been on holiday, that we’re interested in different things. It turns out, where people are located, or their geo-location, is an important input into what they are likely to be interested in. That’s a big part of teh reason Frankie has included Geo-location, having knowledge of where your shoppers are located, as part of Frankie’s makeup. Yes, Frankie now considers where your shopper is located when weighing up what to recommend.

We all know that people in different towns enjoy different weather, have different tastes and often have a different culture. We also know that where people are influences what they like to buy online. Our data shows clear differences in people’s preferences based on their location.

Frankie now takes into account the location of your shopper. Put another way, shopper geo-location is now added to the many data points Frankie considers when deciding what to recommend. When you see “Trending now” you can be confident that geo-based nuances are factored into to ensure the best personalization possible.

Personal shopping starts on the Home page

Turn your Home page into a powerful personal shopping experience with the new Personalized Collections on the Home page. This new feature allows you to display products from any Collection on the Home page that match each shopper’s personal tastes. Whether it be, ‘New In’, ‘Sale’, or any ‘Collection’ you want to çhoose, Frankie will select the products from that Collection that personally matches each shopper. You no longer need

This feature allows you to “refresh” your Home Page content just by selecting a different Collection – which Frankie will personalize. We all love a personal experience and your shoppers do too. Combine this feature with a grid layout, or auto-slider to get the best results.

Shopify’s Leading review Apps Integrated

Displaying reviews on recommendations helps conversion. In case you’ve missed it, we’ve now integrated all added the leading product Review apps into our growing list of integrations. Shopify product reviews,, Yotpo, and Loox now all seamlessly integrate with Frankie. Displaying your customer’s reviews in Frankie are on by default, but can be turned off under General Settings.

Grid Layout

Frankie offers Slider and Grid layout options to display your product recommendations. We’ve recently improved the grid layout feature and we’re seeing some great examples, particularly on the Home page. Grid layout gives you another way to seamlessly integrate recommendations into your store and chnage teh layout to make it more visually engaging for your shopper.


The auto-scroll feature is available on desktop and mobile. We’ve found the feature is great for increasing engagement. Try it out – it’s subtle but effective and can be toggled on/off from within Global settings.


Frankie continues to release a range of new features to ensure you have the best recommendation tool available for your Ecommerce store.

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